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Window Chip Repair

You can often save your windshield from being replaced by repairing it first as soon as the damage occurs. A windshield repair occurs when the damage to the windshield is small enough usually smaller than a diameter of a quarter that can be filled in with a liquid glass resin that is hardened and cured by sunlight. In order for this repair to be done properly there is a four step process that needs to be done by an experienced technician. This type of repair keeps the damage to the windshield from cracking further. However a windshield repair will not totally disappear and can in most cases still be seen.

Windshield Replacement AZ
Windshield Crack Repair AZ

Cracked Windshield

A windshield replacement occurs when the damage to the windshield is larger than the diameter of a quarter in most cases. If a significate crack appears this will require the windshield to be completely removed from the vehicle and replaced with a brand new windshield. A properly installed windshield takes a professionally skilled auto glass technician to be performed. Windshield replacements require proper pinch weld preparation primer, urethane adhesive application and body trim removal just to name a few. So when choosing an auto glass shop for your windshield replacement needs choose K&B the professionals you can trust.

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