Power window stuck?

Did your window fall down, or is it making a crunching sound?

Window Motors

Have you noticed that your door window has started to move very slowly or even may stop from time to time. Now it doesn’t move at all. You most likely need a window motor replaced. Your door window is attached to a regulator that is moved by the power of your window motor. This allows your window to go up or down and when a motor goes bad you will have no movement anymore.

Window Motors Replacement AZ
Window Regulator Replacement AZ

Window Regulators

Have you started to hear a crunching sound coming from your door panel. Have you noticed that your door window has started to fall down on its own and you can’t get it to go back up? Stop!!! Do not touch anything. You want to protect your door glass from breaking. You have a regulator that has gone bad. Your door glass is attached to the regulator which in most cases are made up of plastic connectors and thin pulley cables. Any attempt to manually move the door glass could break the door glass itself. A window regulator along with a window motor is what makes your door glass go up and down. When a regulator is broken only the window motor will spin and because of the broken pulley or connector it will not grab onto the window motor allowing it to go either up or down.

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